Here you can find our most frequently asked questions. 

Why can you not give me a specific time, and why do you do your group walk between 8am and 3pm?


As we have many dogs to walk throughout the day we like to split our walks up into 2. One being late morning and one being afternoon. We also like to put the right dogs with the right group, so depending on which dogs and how many dogs we have that day your dog may be walked on either the late morning walk or afternoon walk. We walk up to 10 dogs daily and it's impossible to walk all dogs between 12pm - 1pm, pick ups take around 10 minutes per dog, which is why sometimes they start from 8am. Another factor is traffic, but we try our best :)   

Do you let your dogs off the lead?

Yes we like to let the dogs off the lead but only if you allow us to. When we first start walking your dog we like to keep them on the lead until we feel they have settled in and we feel comfortable to do so.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured with PetPlan, this covers up to £1,250 for each dog that we walk, public liability and key cover.

Can I cancel my walk?

To cancel your walk we require 24 hours notice, otherwise the full fee is required to be paid. 

Why do you do a trial walk when walking a new dog?

We like to carry out trial walks when taking on your dog as we like to make sure they will get on with the rest of our dogs in the group. This is for the safety of yours and the current dogs we walk.

Where abouts do you do your walks?

We like to do our walks in the country side, as far away from any roads as possible. We have our own 4 acre plot of land that we like to take our dogs to. It has plenty of space for them to stetch their legs.

Are you CRB checked?

We are CRB checked, this can be seen on request. 

What qualifications do you have?

Between us we have qualifications in:

BTEC ND Level 3 Animal Management and Care

BSc Honours in Bioveterinary Science 

MSc in Clinical Microbiology